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Ship Deck w/DVD by Mark Mason and JB Magic - Tricks
Ship Deck w/DVD by Mark Mason and JB Magic - Tricks
Our Price: $25.00

SINK YOUR SPECTATORS WITH SHIP DECK!! MAKE SURE YOU CHECK OUT THE ONLINE CLIP!! From Remo Pannain comes an incredible card effect that he has been blowing top class magicians and laymen away with for several years. You claim that you have a prediction. The 4 aces are removed from a red deck and placed off to one side. The spectator is asked to THINK OF ANY CARD, NOT THE SUIT JUST THE VALUE. They can have ANY. Lets assume they are thinking of a 4. Next they are asked to mix the four aces, these are laid out in a row. Each ace represents each suit, they select any one of the four aces no magicians force etc they pick just one ace and that card is used. Lets say they pick hearts. They have now in a very strange yet absolutely fair manner selected the 4 of hearts. The SAME deck is spread across the table, face up in the deck there is one card and one card only. It is the 4 OF HEARTS. The 4H is removed and flipped over it is the ONLY card with a BLUE back. SOUNDS IMPOSSIBLE, LOOKS IMPOSSIBLE, NOT WITH SHIP DECK. Highest recommendation. Brilliant price comes with special deck and dvd.

Running Time Approximately 13min

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