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DVD2WENTY1   2wenty1 (21) by Mark Mason and JB Magic - DVD
3CARDMONT_red   3 Card Monte Card Trick Skinner (Red)
3DADVERTISING   3D Advertising by Henry Evans - Trick
ADJACENT   Ad-Jacent by Simon Aronson - Trick
ALLSTARSL   All-Star Slugger trick
ANIMATEDD   Animated Deck by Tim Spinosa- Trick
DVDWGANNIVERSARY   Anniversary Waltz (World's Greatest Magic) - DVD
ANTTACK   Anttack by Christopher Ballinger and Magic Geek - Trick
AWATENAI   Awatenai Awatenai by Katsuya Masuda - Trick
BWAVE   B'Wave by Phil Goldstein - Trick
BARKINGDOG   Barking Dog by Etienne Pradier - Trick
cd-1   Bicycle Brainwave Deck
b2   Bill Tube
i1   Brass Disc Escape
DVDBULLSEYE   Bullseye by Brent Braun - DVD
DVDBCBUSINESS   Business Card Cardiograph by Brian Curry - DVD
SSACSICARD   C.S.I. Card by David Haversat - Trick
CARDONCEI   Card on Ceiling by Michael Ammar - Trick
CARDIANAN   Cardian Angel trick by Paul Harris and Mike Maxwell
DVDCARDIOGRAPH_red   Cardiograph (red) by Wayne Dobson and JB Magic - DVD
DVDCLUBSANDWICH   Club Sandwich by Andrew Normansell and JB Magic - DVD
cf   Coin Funnel
COLORBLIND   Color Blind by Matthew Johnson - Trick
DVDDFCOLOURBURN   Colour Burn DVD by David Forrest - DVD
c22   Copper Silver Half
DVDDIGITALCONV   Digital Conviction by Robert Smith - DVD
DISPOSABLE   Disposable Deck by David Regal - Trick
DVDKKDUCTTAPEBLI   Duct Tape Blindfold by Kenton Knepper - DVD
DVDKKDUNNIGERSD   Dunninger's Delight by Kenton Knepper - DVD
DVDELECTION   Election by Eric Ross - DVD
ea1-0001   Ellusionist Arcane Deck - Black
ea1-0002   Ellusionist Arcane Deck - White
ea10-0001   Ellusionist Masters Edition Bicycle Deck - Blue
ea10-0002   Ellusionist Masters Edition Bicycle Deck - Red
DVDENCASED   Encased by David Forrest - DVD
e10   Expanded Half Dollar Shell
EYEEXAM   Eye Exam trick
DVDFAN2C   Fan2c by R. Paul Wilson and Dan & Dave Buck - DVD
DVDFUTUREZONE   Future Zone (Wallet, DVD) by Mark Mason and JB Magic - DVD
HEADINGNORTH   Heading North Plus by David Regal - Trick
DVDHOLESENSATION   Hole Sensation by Iain Moran and JB Magic - DVD
HOLESURPRISE   Hole Surprise by Shinpei Ogawa- Trick
HOLLOW2   Hollow 2 trick Menny Lindenfeld
hop   Hopping Half
DVDJSHYPERVISUAL   Hypervisual (With Cards) by Jay Sankey - DVD
DVDGWIHATEDAVID   I Hate David Copperfield Trick by Geoff Williams - DVD
DVDIDENTITY   Identity (With Gimmicks) by Richard Sanders - DVD
INNERCIRC   Inner Circle by Paul Harris - Book
DVDINTUITION   Intuition (With Cards and DVD) by Hondo and David Leon Productions - DVD
DVDJUSTTHINK   Just Think w/DVD by Adrian Sullivan and JB Magic - Trick
KALEIDOSC_poker   Kaleidoscope Cards (Poker size) by Royal Magic - Trick
DVDLEVITATOR   Levitator by Andrew Mayne - DVD
ld   Locked Deck
UDCARDFRA   Magic Card Frame (Sand Frame) Uday
DVDMATCHBOX   Matchbox by David Forrest and Mark Mason and JB Magic - DVD
ph   Mental Photo Deck
MIRRORMI   Mirror Miracle Card Trick
NAKEDANGE   Naked Angels on Bikes by Paul Harris - Tricks
nt   Nesting Boxes
NFW   NFW trick
DVDNOENTRY   No Entry by Mark Mason and JB Magic - DVD
NOGRAVITY   No Gravity by Bazar de Magia - Trick
OFFWITHHISHEAD   Off With His Head by David Regal - Trick
DVDSTRIP   Paul Harris Presents Strip (with Gimmick) by Jose LaC'Quest - DVD
DVDDEEP3   Paul Harris Presents: Deep 3 by Bro Gilbert (DVD and Deck) - DVD
DVDDHFLOW   Paul Harris Presents: Flow by Dan Hauss - DVD
PEDROSGREENCARD   Pedro's Green Card by Magic Inc - Trick
PEEKABOO   Peekaboo by Ronjo - Trick
DVDPERFECT   Perfect (With DVD) by Mark Mason and JB Magic - DVD
PHIL   Phil Trick by Trevor Duffy - Trick
PREDICTOTRANSPO   Predicto Transpo by Merlins Magic - Trick
DVDREELMAGIC_14   Reel Magic Episode 14 (Wayne Dobson & Daniel Garcia) - DVD
DVDREVELATION   Revelation by Wayne Dobson and JB Magic - DVD
DVDROYALFLASH   Royal Flash by Mark Mason and JB Magic - DVD
DVDSAS   SAS (Signed And SandWiched) by Mark Mason and JB Magic - DVD
DVDSEARCH   Search and Destroy by Aaron Fisher - DVD
sc   Shim Shell Coin
SHINKANSE   Shinkansen trick Phil Goldstein
DVDSHIPDECK   Ship Deck w/DVD by Mark Mason and JB Magic - Tricks
DVDSICK   Sick by Ponta The Smith- DVD
SIDESWIPE   Side-Swiped by Simon Aronson - Trick
DVDSLITHER   Slither by Rob Bromley and Mark Mason and JB Magic - DVD
SMILINGAS   Smiling Assasin trick
DVDSOLO   Solo by Mark Mason and JB Magic - DVD
DVDSPINOUT   Spin Out (Card and DVD) - DVD
SPLITDECISIONJAY   Split Decision (With DVD) by Joshua Jay - Trick
DVDSTATIC   Static by David Jade and Dan & Dave Buck - DVD
DVDSTICKMANSAM   Stick Man Sam w/DVD by Mark Mason and JB Magic - Trick
STRANGERS   Stranger's Gallery by John Bannon - Trick
SUDDENDECK2   Sudden Deck 2 by David Regal - Trick
DVDTAGGED   Tagged by Richard Sanders - DVD
DVDTH1RTE3N   Th1rte3n (13) by Nicholas Paul and JB Magic - DVD
ENLIGHTENMENT   The Enlightenment by Ben Harris - Trick
DVDWGGYPSYTHREAD   The Gypsy Thread (World's Greatest Magic) - DVD
DVDTHREAD   Thread by Wayne Houchin - DVD
DVDTITANSFINGER   Titan's Finger (Twist) by Titanas, Presented by Paul Harris - DVD
DVDDGTORN   Torn by Daniel Garcia - DVD
DVDULTIMATEOIL   Ultimate Oil and Water by Anthony Owen - DVD
DVDVALIDATE   Validate by Val Le Val and JB Magic - DVD
vk1   Viking Quart okito Coin Vanish
vk2   Viking Ring Casket
WEBTRICK   Web Trick Jim Pace
WIPEOUT_jbmagic   Wipe Out by Peter Duffy - Tricks
XRAYVISION   X-Ray Vision by Jeff Ezell and Updated by Brent Geris - Trick

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